College of Economics and Management (CEM)
The College of Economics and Management (CEM) is composed of the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics (DAAE), Department of Economics (DE), Department of Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship (DAME), the Institute of Cooperatives and Bio-Enterprise Development (ICOPED), the Agribusiness Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE), and the Rural Economic Development and Renewable Energy Policy Center (REDREC).

CEM envisions itself as a center of excellence in undergraduate and graduate instruction, research and extension in economics, agricultural and applied economics, cooperative development, management, and entrepreneurship in Asia. CEM engages in policy and development-oriented research, policy advocacy, and extension services that promote efficiency, equity, competitiveness, and environmental sustainability.



The College conducts R&E activities in economics, agricultural and applied economics, and agribusiness management focused on promoting efficient and competitive economic activities, improving income distribution, protecting the environment, and managing natural resources. CEM collaborates with the Tokyo University of Agriculture in conducting the Philippine Bio-business Practice that provides Japanese students with hands-on experience in tropical agriculture, as well as with other Asian universities through various student and faculty exchange programs. ICOPED, a cooperative training service provider, offers training to professionals to build competencies and skills to manage and operate cooperatives as viable economic and social enterprises.

Public Service

Degree Programs

BS Agricultural Economics
BS Agribusiness Management
BS Economics
PhD and MS Agricultural Economics
MS Economics
Master of Management major in Agribusiness Management and Entrepreneurship
Master of Management major in Business Management
Master of Management major in Cooperative Management (MM-CM)

Office of the Dean, College of Economics and Management (CEM)

F.A. Tiongson Avenue
University of the Philippines Los Baños, College
Batong Malake, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines 4031