College of Public Affairs and Development (CPAf)
As the premier academic institution with distinctive excellence in development studies and governance, CPAf has consistently displayed innovation in instruction. The College is home to 24 faculty members, 17 of whom are PhD holders and five are UP Scientists. Graduate students are able to hone their cognitive and practical skills as they are exposed to theories, practical examples, and fieldwork in their various courses. The newest program offering of the College is the PhD in Development Studies with specialization in Education and Development for educational leaders.


Six of CPAf’s faculty members are recipients of the One UP Professorial Chair Award, while two are recipients of the One UP Faculty Grant Award. Through their constant involvement in different research studies and continuous effort to produce quality research outputs, members of the CPAf faculty have received the UP International Publication Award.


The CPAf research and extension (R&E) programs and projects go beyond geographical and disciplinary boundaries characterized by collaboration and mutual learning among various sectors.

Its R&E programs and projects conducted are mostly externally funded and collaborated with other UPLB colleges and UP campuses while others are in-house, which address unit thrust and concerns. In 2016 alone, the R&E programs and projects of CPAf were on climate change adaptation; provision of monitoring, agricultural extension, and business development services, particularly in agrarian reform communities; and mainstreaming Palayamanan in the Agricultural Extension System, among others.

Public Service

Information on its research undertakings have reached a wide audience through seminars, training programs, and workshops. The CPAf faculty and staff also provide technical and advisory services to different clientele. To disseminate research findings of faculty and staff, results are published in academic journals or books and presented in conferences and other public fora. CPAf further fortifies its public service through social media, print, and online media (i.e., academic journal, newsletter, and magazine).

Degree Programs

MS and PhD Extension Education
MS and PhD Community Development
PhD in Development Studies
M/MS in Development Management and Governance
Master in Public Affairs major in Education Management, Strategic Planning and Policy Studies, and Agrarian and Rurban Development Studies

Office of the Dean, College of Public Affairs and Development (CPAf)

Domingo M. Lantican Ave (Formerly Narra Road)
University of the Philippines Los Baños, College
Batong Malake, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines 4031