UPLB at a Glance

UPLB keeps up with increasing mobility in the higher education arena through regular interactions and collaborative work with renowned national and international scholars and scientists.

A Bustling Academic Community

UPLB entered into joint, collaborative, and inter and multi-disciplinary programs with other universities and international R&D organizations and secured the certification of its programs through international quality assurance modalities.

UPLB is a founding member of the Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA) aimed to foster collaborative efforts with partner institutions to enhance graduate education in agriculture, environment, and natural resources in the region.

UPLB alumni are leaders in scientific research and university administration. More than a third of the Philippines’ National Scientists are from UPLB.

  • Eduardo A. Quisimbing, 1980 (Plant Taxonomy, Systematics, and Morphology)
  • Francisco M. Fronda, 1983 (Animal Husbandry)
  • Francisco O. Santos, 1983 (Human Nutrition and Agricultural Chemistry)
  • Julian A. Banzon, 1986 (Chemistry)
  • Dioscoro L. Umali, 1986 (Agriculture and Rural Development)
  • Pedro E. Escuro, 1994 (Genetics and Plant Breeding)
  • Dolores A. Ramirez, 1998 (Biochemical Genetics and Cytogenetics)
  • Jose R. Velasco, 1998 (Plant Physiology)
  • Gelia T. Castillo, 1999 (Rural Sociology)
  • Bienvenido O. Juliano, 2000 (Organic Chemistry)
  • Clare R. Baltazar, 2001 (Systematic Entomology)
  • Benito S. Vergara, 2001 (Plant Physiology)
  • Ricardo M. Lantican, 2005 (Plant Breeding)
  • Teodulfo M. Topacio, Jr., 2008 (Veterinary Medicine)
  • Ramon C. Barba, 2014 (Horticulture)
  • Emil Q. Javier, 2019 (Agriculture)

Alumnus Romulo G. Davide (Class ’57) is a recipient of the Ramon Magsaysay Award in 2012 for “his steadfast passion in placing the power and discipline of science in the hands of Filipino farmers.” The College of Agriculture, now the College of Agriculture and Food Science,  was awarded the 1977 Ramon Magsaysay Award (International Understanding) in 1977.

Three UPLB alumni have served as UP President. These are Bienvenido Maria Gonzalez (1939-1943; 1945-1951), Emil Q. Javier (1993-1999), and Emerlinda R. Roman (2005-2011). Moreover, 24 UPLB alumni have held the presidency of various state universities and colleges across the country. Meanwhile, 17 from UPLB hold the much-coveted Scientist positions under the Scientific Career System of the Philippines, a reward and recognition to qualified full-time researchers in academic institutions.

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